Friday, May 9, 2014


Have you all heard about Fed Up, the film about the food industry? You probably have because it is suddenly getting a lot of attention and publicity. I really want to see it and I think others should too.  I don't know if this is just me, but something that I have noticed more and more is just how judgemental and mean people are about weight issues now. Increasingly I find friends and people our age are very sensitive to and are thinking and talking about food issues and nutrition. Especially when it comes to buying and eating organic, cooking fresh foods, sourcing locally, working out regularly, and being generally healthy - this is certainly a trend and lifestyle among people I know. But interestingly enough this doesn't translate to an understanding and empathy for folks struggling with weight not to mention recognition that this is also a socio-economic issue. In short, fatism is alive and well and crueler than ever. Anyway, I am hoping this film will soften people up a little, remind folks that there is a whole industry breeding unhealthy habits and that this isn't about people not taking responsibility for themselves. Really we should all just be kinder in the ways we talk about people and judge their lifestyles...right?

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