Wednesday, May 21, 2014

shady times.

Big news everyone. We have successfully moved over to the world of shades. Top down, bottom up cordless shades to be specific. Lucky for you all, I haven't been updating on all our thoughts about the world of shades and the options out there. The short story is, after a consultation a couple of months ago with a great guy here in DC who we would have loved to buy from, we realized for FY14 budget reasons, we would not be able to buy from him! Who knew window treatments are so expensive?

I ended up doing a lot of online research. And my Mom and Olivia also provided helpful advice. And we ended up going with which all in, we have had a great experience with. We haven't yet ordered the upstairs, because we wanted to make sure we liked them but the quality is great, installation pretty easy (credit to Ben on all of them!) and the price point fantastic.

Most notably, we really love not having any hanging cords. With so many windows in the house, the cordless option makes it so much cleaner! And the bottom up shades were much needed downstairs so that we have privacy from the street but light is still coming through.

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