Monday, May 12, 2014


Did you all have a good weekend? We planned for a low-key couple of days but still ended up doing a lot. On Friday night, we went on a mini-date to check out the new pizza place on H street, Pizza Parts & Service. They recently opened and are still working out some of the service kinks (they ended up comping our whole meal because we waited so long for our pizza) but we can report back that the pizza was quite good. And that is saying something since Ben has high standards!

On Saturday, inbetween errands and my pilates, we stopped by the 52 O Street Artist Studios for their annual open house. It was very cool. It is this great building where a bunch of artists have work studios that they also live in. It felt like a small piece of NY buried over by North Capitol Street...

We also got drinks/dinner with Georgetown friends and on Sunday we went for an impromptu walk with Erin and Josh over in Anacostia. They picked up sandwiches and we headed over to Kingman and Heritage Islands Park. It turned out to be not so impressive but the walk and sun and lunch were great and it got us out of the house!
Oh yeah, and last night, Ben and I finished True Detective. My god, that show is intense and horrifying!

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