Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Alison is leaving for Jordan on Friday until the end of February for work. She is traveling the country and for this project she will be checking out all of the tourist sites. Seriously, that will be her job. Isn't that amazing?  In my head, she is also scouting out the best sites to hit when Ben and I go to Jordan! This brings me to my point. I tend to get fixated on things and can't let go. It is completely out of my control really. Jordan is officially at the top of my list.

I have long had Petra on my must get-to list and now I can't wait to hear what Alison says and all of her stories of Jordan. Last night, she started talking about how good the food was, we were talking about how steeped in history the country is, how important it is to understand and see the region today, and so on.

All this is to say that Jordan is topping the list right now. And to get you on board, just check out these pictures of Petra (this doesn't include the rest of Jordan). And to make it even better, Ben could channel Indiana Jones the whole time we're there!

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