Monday, January 28, 2013

sunday sunday.

In addition to Erin's birthday meal out in Virginia, I feel like I was jumping all over the place this weekend in DC. For instance, on a run over to see an open house in LeDroit Park, I happened upon the LeDroit Park Market. It is this small, charming little market store right in the heart of LeDroit Park. Also, as I keep repeating to Ben, can we all agree that LeDroit Park is a little piece of heaven in there? I love it!
Later in the day, I heard there was an estate sale going on in this huge house right on Logan Circle that has been vacant for a couple months. I rolled on over to check it out, in hopes of finding some gems in the mix, maybe some old jewelry or a cool chair I could refurbish. I also may have really just wanted to wander around the big house too.

Alas, I got there five minutes after they closed. Damnit! But, I got Karen's card. She runs the estate sales around the city. I think she was moved by my disappointed face when she wouldn't let me in. Anyways, fair to say you should expect some future posts about estate sales. It's the perfect nexus of treasure hunting while getting to see the insides of big houses that I can't afford!

And to top it off, I finally ended up grabbing a beer with Jake at the Drafting Table on 14th. I was pretty happy with it. Great place to watch a game and they have made the most of the space.

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