Monday, January 28, 2013


There was a lot going on this weekend, and that included Erin's 31st birthday! To celebrate, she invited us all out for a pop-up restaurant dinner in an apartment out in Clarendon. By two degrees of separation, Erin and Josh are connected to this great young chef who has been hosting these dinners in his apartments. It was fantastic and a perfectly new but intimate way to celebrate her birth. Not to mention, the food was fantastic.

This was the start of the meal and described as tasting like a Christmas tree. It did. In a really good way. It was crisp apple seasoned perfectly and plated on this piece of wood.

I'm not including all the courses in this post, but this baked onion covered in a cocunut cream sauce had such interesting flavor...

Our two main courses included this salmon dish with a carrot puree. His technique was amazing. The top half of the salmon was cooked and the bottom half was more raw. And the second dish was fried chicken with a mole sauce that I couldn't get over!  

And to finish it off, he served up this ice cream with popcorn flavored cheese and caramel. It was shockingly good!
It was a great night. Dinner also included (not pictured) good wine, freshly baked bread, and homemade butter. It was a proper way to celebrate Erin in all her glory! 

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