Thursday, March 7, 2013


I don't know if you all heard but the federal government was closed yesterday. Snow day! Except that "snowquester" left less than an inch of snow and was really more like a mild rainstorm. People started cancelling meetings and announced delayed school hours when the sun was still out the day before. Gotta love DC.

No complaints though. Ben made this great salad for lunch with blood oranges, almonds and onions.

I also made this great honey orange cleanse smoothie with radishes and mint. It was delicious - recipe here
We finished watching House of Cards. So good but I am relieved the season is over! And we read. I read About Alice by Calvin Trilling that I mentioned here a couple weeks ago. I cried reading it.

Ben also cooked up a huge pot of Chili and my freezer is now stocked full.

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