Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend roundup.

How was the weekend? We packed a lot in. Unfortunately, I didn't do the best job documenting but there was a lot of good stuff to report on. On Friday night after work, Ben and I met up for a quick date/drink at DGS Delicatessen. The tuna tartar was fantastic.

We then headed over to H Street for a group dinner at Le Grenier. (Here is the post from last summer all about the restaurant when it first opened). Food, company and conversation were great. The service was epically pretentious and unfortunately a Parisian cliche. We would still recommend it for dining and atmosphere.

Saturday was a great day. We let ourselves sleep in and then headed out for a day of walking. We wanted to canvass some of the neighborhoods we are househunting in so we meandered through them. It was good quality time and also reaffirmed just how much we love the Bloomingdale and Eckington neighborhoods. We stopped into Big Bear Cafe and grabbed coffee!

We then walked ourselves over to Union Market (see here for the previous post on it!). It was jam packed and we loved every second of it. We ended up deciding on the Red Apron for lunch and tried the Grilled Cheese and Porkstrami sandwiches.

We grabbed the bus back and stopped in to an open house before doing some damage on House of Cards (have you all be watching it?!). But that wasn't the end of it. For dinner, we met up with Ali, Emily and Roy to head to Table. This is the place that just opened last month that I was talking about in January in this post. The wait was long. Incredibly long. We did try to make the most of the time by checking out the new bar around the corner, A&D. By the time we finally got seated, we had waited three hours. The food was fantastic, service was solid, and the design and restaurant are impressive. With that said, obviously the restaurant is experiencing some growing pains and has kinks to work out, so would wait another month or two before you head to it. Inside scoop though, they do have a call in policy that is not posted on the website!

We also fit in a trip to Friendship Heights to look for a suit for Ben and watched the UofM game yesterday with Em. All in all, it was a great weekend in spite of the cold, cold, cold!

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