Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We have some work to do on the basement. During the move-in, it became a dumping ground for all the miscellaneous stuff we don't want upstairs but the time has come to start getting it in order and more functional. The first step was tackled on Sunday night - peg board + tools.

Ben's Dad came down with a treasure of tools from Home Depot (you should have seen our delight!) and and we have the perfect wall to throw up some peg board. Here is the before...

 And here is the after...

I can't decide if I should have painted the peg board a bright red or color before we put it up, what do you think?  For now though, it is a huge step up from what was going on. Next steps will include a shelving unit we got at Home Depot while we were there for our dry goods and a work table that will move in on Saturday. Those shelves in the picture are full of old paints and cans that Josh left for us, so we have to sort through those this weekend and clear off those shelves. Might just paint them up as well...stay tuned more to come soon!

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