Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the whirlwind.

This weekend was jam-packed. Ben's parents came down from NY on Friday and we made the most of their company. First things first, we went to Rasika West End for dinner! They came back to see the house after dinner and we were so excited for them to see it.

Saturday was an early rise. We headed out to Maryland. Virginia and Maryland are full of roadside antique shops and Ben's parents love to peruse. When they have a free weekend in NY, they love to drive up through the Hudson Valley for an afternoon and drop in to antique stores, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do with them.
While we didn't find any benches (which we were on the look out for) we did get an awesome cart for the kitchen, a work table and a mirror. Success!  I only have this quick picture I took of the cart, so I will update later with some more and a better picture, but it definitely rounds out what we needed for the kitchen. 

We took them up to Union Market so they could see what all our fuss has been about and we loaded up on some meats and foods to grill. And check out these oatmeal cookies with filling that we grabbed for dessert from Curbside Cupcakes...pair these with some of the ice cream from the Trickling Springs Creamery and yeah, we were living the good life!

Ben grilled up an amazing meal...his parents were still talking about it the next morning...

And speaking of which, Sunday morning, we grabbed fixings for a "healthy brunch" and Emmy came over for bagels, eggs, and the full spread.

Ben's parents needed to hit the road around this time but we convinced them to come to Home Depot with us for one last hoorah. We lived it up in there grabbing shelving, peg board, cutting 2x4s....

Ben's Mom hurt her ankle last week and so she was elevating and icing and periodically advising...

And then we rolled out to the car to find it had been broken into. To say it took the wind out of our sails is right. Up to this point the weekend had been fantastic and in the end, everything worked out, nothing was stolen oddly enough, and his parents did end up driving home Sunday night. But there was a really chaotic 2 hours involving police, home depot vaccuums, Ben's Mom needing more ice, a home depot van home, flight and train itineraries, frantic car window replacement searches, Ben's Dad driving away from a gas station with his wallet on the roof, and more...probably would have been a very entertaining reality t.v. segment! All in all, a great great weekend!

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