Wednesday, June 5, 2013

youtube channel.

At work today in the elevator, somehow I ended up in a conversation with a guy about how much we both love Robert Caro and his books on Lyndon Johnson (Master of the Senate was one of the most formative political books for me!). He recommended I read The Power Broker about Robert Moses and then we somehow started talking about RFK. Since I am a sucker for all things Camelot and I eat that stuff up like nutella on a baguette, you can imagine my enthusiasm at finding out that RFK's Indiana speech is on youtube. Youtube is like the Kennedy history channel!

For those who don't know and to provide some context for the below, RFK was in Indiana campaigning in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. He was given the news when he arrived in Indianapolis en route to a large campaign rally. Police advised him not to go and when he arrived at the rally, he realized that the audience had no idea that MLK had been killed. And, by this time, riots and violence had broken out in every major city in the country. He put aside his notes, and spoke off the cuff to a largely African American audience. Indianapolis was the only major city that had no riots. I always think of this speech after horrific events. Anyway, that was the long way of really just saying that this is all on YouTube.

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