Thursday, June 6, 2013

shopped out.

We move so soon and consequently all I think about these days is our mortgage and my student loans. And, in turn, that means my buying power is at an all time low...but I still look!

Loving this light-weight runners shirt from Lululemon...

Lululemon - Runbeam Hoodie
What a great, cheap summer dress....

Striped Midwaist Dress
This might just be something I treat myself to from Target...I have been in market for a chambray shirt for a long time and this looks perfectly light...

Merona Chambray Shirt 
H&M Straw hat...because I don't use hats enough and don't treat them well enough to justify anything more than a $13 hat...
H&M Straw Hat

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  1. did you post this dress just for me? I think you did. Buying now.