Friday, June 7, 2013

spoken word.

Have you all seen these Food Dialect Maps? Last week a bunch of people had posted about it on Facebook but I didn't really look until Ben sent me this Atlantic link to it earlier today, Pecan, Caramel, Crawfish: Food Dialect Maps. You have to take a look at this! Ben and I debate pronunciation all the time. There are some key words that we insist we have the correct pronunciation on. I grew up always referring to soda generically as "coke" but folks in the northeast definitely don't. This map shows it is rooted in the south. Based on the maps, I have a lot of southern dialect in my repertoire (no doubt learned from my Mom's Kentucky heritage) and of course a good bit of West as well. Fascinating stuff...there are a bunch more maps if you click on the link.

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  1. Totally fascinating... do you pronounce crayon like Jordan? When he says it it sounds like "crown." I'm solidly California on crayon.